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Beauty Tip - Nail Care

Tips/Do's and Don'ts

Anyone who knows me well enough will surely know how much I care for and look after my nails, and I always get asked the same few questions. How do I keep my nails long without them chipping for so long? How do I keep my nails strong? And how do I make my manicure last?

So, I thought why not answer these questions by sharing my tips with you in this blog post!

1. DON'T cut or manipulate cuticles. The cuticle is basically the natural barrier to bacteria and by cutting your cuticles, you are breaking this barrier of protection and can cause infection and make your cuticles look worse. Also, a lot of people think that you have to push your cuticles back all the time, however, this can actually cause problems as well. So, if you feel the need to push them back, keep it minimal and do it very gently. 
DO make sure to keep them moisturized, because you will also find that there isn't a need for you to push them back as they will be soft and will look a lot better.

2. Speaking of moisturizing, do this every day/every other day. Moisturize your hands, nails AND cuticles. By moisturizing your nails you are helping to prevent breakage and it really strengthens them. So, pick a hand cream — it doesn't need to be an expensive, top brand product, any hand cream that doesn't irritate your skin will be perfectly fine. Personally, I use Shea Hand Cream from The Body Shop as it is just £4 and is great on my skin (I buy the travel size so that I can carry it in my bag)

You can find this product here: The Body Shop UKThe Body Shop USA

3. Filing your nails is essential if you want to maintain long, nicely shaped and healthy nails. I file mine every day/every other day to avoid chipping due to weaker nails over time, filing nails also helps them to grow (kinda like why we have our split ends cut off, in order for our hair to grow healthy and avoiding splitting) — I take a nail file with me in my bag along with my clear nail varnish.
AVOID using a metal nail file as they can 'tear' up your nails or chip them, also file in one direction, not back and forth.

4. Manicures
First, gently rub in lotion/hand cream around your nails as this will make it easier for any excess polish to come off quicker and easier. Now, add a clear base coat, ESPECIALLY if you are going to be painting your nails are bright or dark colour so you can avoid stains. Next, when applying the main colour, simply apply thin layers, just 2 or 3 would suffice. Thin coats avoids chipping for a longer period of time. Also, be sure to apply varnish/polish to the tips of your nails which will also avoid chipping. Then, apply a clear top coat, and redo the top coat every couple of days to maintain colour, shine and once again, avoiding any chipping for longer.

5. Now, when it comes to taking your nail varnish off, have you noticed how dry your nails or cuticles feel afterwards? Or are they slightly stained with that red polish you used but you can't quite get it off?
Well, firstly, if you are going to be using polish remover, try avoiding any acetone based removers as it can dry your skin, nails and cuticles. If your nails are dry or brittle, simply moisturize.
Next, if your nails are stained in any way, try dipping a cotton bud in some lemon juice before scrubbing your nails with it. Then, gently wash your hands/nails with warm water. This method will for sure remove stains and brighten your nails — believe me, last Christmas I painted my nails a bright red and unfortunately it stained my nails. I tried this and it worked wonders!

So, those are my top tips on how to care for your nails. I hope that in some way this has helped, if not and you already knew all of this then that's great!

Thank you for reading.

- T .x



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