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5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is almost here, and if you are anything like I was last year and still haven't sorted your costume for whatever way you're are celebrating then here are a few easy, DIY/quick buy costumes just for you. Last year I dressed up at Alice in Zombieland as Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite movies EVER - it was a rush to get my costume as I left it far too late, despite knowing exactly what I wanted for a while.

So... here are 5 last minute Halloween costumes.

1.Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family.

If you have long/medium dark hair then you're already half way there! All you need to do is put your hair into two plaits and you have smashed the hairstyle! However, if you have light hair then I am sure you can find dark wigs at a fancy dress shop.

Clothing - You will need:

  • black dress with a white collar / white knee high socks / black shoes / red painted nails

  • black skirt, black jumper/cardigan / white knee high socks / black shoes / red painted nails
If you want to make it look more for Halloween, then feel free to apply some fake blood to the white collar and knee high socks.

Make - up - Pale face using white powder or whatever is convenient, and you could even smear some fake blood across your face and add some black lipstick if you want!

2. Easy Zombie Costume

Hair - Back comb/messy hair will be perfect for this costume as NO zombie would ever have perfectly styled hair, right?

Clothing - An old shirt and jeans will suffice. Add some fake blood and if possible, make a few holes/tears and you've got yourself a costume!

Make up - there are some GREAT make up tutorials on YouTube that you may want to consider having a go at. Just type in 'Zombie Make Up'.

3. Zombie School Girl

Hair - Two pony tails backcombed or two messy plaits would suffice!

Clothing - An old shirt, tie, skirt and knee high socks would be perfect. Just make sure that your parents won't go crazy once they've realised that you've decided to make holes in your school clothes and smeared fake blood everywhere.

Make up - Again, search of YouTube for some GREAT make up tutorials. My favourite tutorial at the moment is: 

4. Beetlejuice

Hair - Messy/Back combed GREEN hair would 
totally complete this outfit! Have a look in some
fancy dress shops for green spray for your hair, that way you won't end up going into work/school with green hair!

Costume - Black and White Stripes is what you will need. If you can't find stripey trousers then plain black or white will do just fine. Try use a stripey top/jacket and a shirt with a black tie.

Make up - White face with dark eyes. Feel free to smear some fake blood across the mouth too for that extra Halloween effect.

source: nerdist

5. Group Halloween Costume - KISS

Hair - Black 70s/80s hairstyle. 

Clothing - Black and silver / Studs / Black or silver shoes 

Make up - White face with Black eyes




  1. Great post! I'm actually thinking about going as Wednesday Addams because it's easy. xx



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