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How To: Matte Nails

I absolutely LOVE matte nails, especially black and purple. I used to matte my nail polish a lot sometime last year, trying out different colours and seeing how it looked.

It wasn't until yesterday that I reminded myself how easy and cheap it is to do it yourself! There are about 4 DIY ways - of course you can buy matte nail polish at a shop but why spend that extra bit of money when you can do it yourself?

However, the easiest way to acheive matte nails is simply by using boiling water.

Step 1 - Base coat and leave to dry.
Step 2 - Boil the kettle. (No, I'm not suggesting to make yourself a cup of tea, but I mean if you want to.. go for it.)
Step 3 - Apply colour coat. (If you don't know what will look best matte, just try one out for now but usually any colour works.)
Step 4 - Pour the boiling hot water into the largest mug or bowl you have. Ideally, something with a lot of depth as you will need the steam from the water would be best.
Step 5 - While your nails are still wet, hover them in/above the mug/bowl and the steam will matte them. Do this for 15-20 seconds and then check to see if you have acheived the matte look.

Note: take care with the boiling water. You don't need to put your nails into the water, just slightly into/above the mug so the steam will hit them and be careful of any steam burns.

You don't need to put on a top coat as that will completely defeat the point of mattifying your nails.

I really like this method as it is SO much quicker and easier. However, there is abother way to go about this which includes clear nail polish, eyeshadow and baking soda but I highly recommend the method I have suggested as using eyeshadow and baking soda can get slightly... lumpy, I guess.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you tried this method and what colours you tried out :)

- T .x

p.s I will be doing a Q&A post at the end of this month, so if you have any questions at all - about my blog, myself or general inquiries - then please comment or tweet me at @giventhewrld or just with #askgiventheworld so that I can see them easily x



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