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About me...

Hi guys! So for today's post I am doing a '70 facts about me' collab with my wonderful friend Whitney (Make sure you check out her blog! http://labeautyaffair.blogspot.co.uk/)

1. My name is Tiffany
2. I am 17
3. I'm from the UK
4. I'm Vegetarian
5. My first concert was One Direction - Take Me Home in 2013
6. I love drawing, writing, boxing, running, listening to music, spreading positivity and making others happy
7. I have two younger sisters, their names are Chloe and Layla
8. I'm really interested in Greek Mythology (I know for a fact that not one person - other than myself - knew that!)
9. I love art galleries/museums
10. I also love love LOVE poetry
11. My favourite movies are the Rocky franchise, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Grease, Divergent, Dirty Dancing, Lion King, Cinderella, Struck By Lightning, Love Rosie, Zombieland (I should probably stop listing these, now)
12. I hope to be a tattooist and writer one day
13. My natural hair colour is light brown, but I dye it a very dark brown as I seem to be more comfortable that way
14. I have green eyes, however, they change colour sometimes (is that weird?)
15. I am passionate about self-love, spreading positivity, encouragement and happiness
16. I am also passionate about raising awareness about mental health, equality, etc.
17. My favourite ice cream flavours are bubblegum, cotton candy, vanilla and chocolate fudge brownie
18. I haven't seen my mother in over 11 years but I have grown to accept that that is how it is
19. I have a dog
20. I was bullied for different reasons throughout school but it has genuinely made me a stronger person and I can now say that things like that don't bother me anymore
21. My favourite sports are boxing and football (soccer)
22. Magic Stars and Malteasers are my favourite
23. My favourite colours are purple, black, navy and burgundy
24. I learned martial arts (Aikido) for several years, so I am well trained when it comes to self defense, attacking and such
25. I've been told that my physical strength is uncommon for someone of my age and build
26. I have an awful sleeping pattern. Sometimes I sleep for 8 hours, 3 hours or not at all.
27. I can put both of my legs behind my head
28. I don't trust people very well, it takes a very long time for someone to gain my trust
29. Fridays/Saturdays are my favourite
30. My favourite season is Winter!!
31. I have quite a big family, a lot whom I have not yet met
32. My favourite perfumes are Alien and Ari by Ariana Grande
33. The last album I bought was Made in the AM by One Direction (go buy it!!!)
34. Also, my favourite songs from that album are Long Way Down, If I Could Fly, Walking in the Wind, AM and Never Enough
35. I love coffee a little too much
36. My favourite flower is a rose
37. I love animals SO much!!
38. I love working out and I try to do it as much as I can
39. I started this blog 3 months ago
40. I am very hard on myself, I always have been, but I'm working on that
41. Since I was in year 10 at school, I have realised that worrying about what people think of me is a complete waste of time
42. I want to travel more than anything. The idea of staying in just one place frightens me
43. I would LOVE to:
sky dive
swim with dolphins (at sea)
para glide
shark cage dive
base jump
wind surf
and I plan on doing so one day!
44. My Zodiac sign is Cancer
45. I have too many favourite songs
46. Public speaking is absolute hell for me. Never force me to do it.
47. My biggest pet peeves are people who are hypocritical and the way people walk when wearing flip flops
48. I love helping people
49. Growing up I wanted to be an artist, a writer, a boxer, a dancer and even a teacher at one point
50. If I could have one super power it would be the ability to mind read
52. I love the names Violet, Luna and Rosalie
53. I really don't enjoy cooking... unless I'm baking brownies... that's another story
54. I don't smoke and never have
55. I love oversized sweaters
56. When I talk, it is either super fast or slow, there is no inbetween
57. Loyalty and trust are important to me
58. Running and working out in general  makes me feel more relaxed and free
59. I love wearing chelsea boots
60. I've been teaching myself how to be optimistic, however I never get my hopes up too high for anything as I'm used to being let down (yikes!)
61. Friends and family are SO so important to me
62. I love hearing artists and writers talk about their work, I find it interesting
63. I used to sleepwalk a LOT when I was younger
64. I always have a pen and notebook in my bag as I never know when something or someone will inspire me
65. My favourite things about Christmas would have to be the movies and spending time with family and friends
66. I play viola and guitar
67. I don't like to follow trends
68. I can count the number of friends I have on one hand
69. I'm a good listener, but I struggle to bite my tongue sometimes
70. Being myself is important to me. I never want to be anything but myself :)

Hope you learnt something new about me!

Make sure to check out Whitney's post here!!

Thank you for reading,

Until next time, be you and keep smiling.

- T .x



  1. Whoa. We have a lot in common. I bet we could be BFF's if we were to meet in real life.
    But I would add Wolves and Love you goodbye to that list of songs from the new album. I actually wrote about the best lyrics from MITAM and I had to include all the songs, they were that good.

    Either way, you sound link a really interesting person. And your blog is sooo lovely! Keep it up.


    1. That's so cool! I agree, actually, I'll probably edit them in tomorrow as they too are both my favourites. The new album really is incredible, though, their best yet I reckon. And oh! I will definitely read that post and check out your blog while I am at it!

      Thank you,

      - T

  2. I totally want to swim with dolphins too! I really love this post :) Great job!


    1. It would be such an incredible experience! Thanks for your comment. X - T


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