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Best Movies for the Christmas Season

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Watching Christmas movies almost every night leading up to and after Christmas with my family or just by myself while drinking hot chocolate and eating malteasers is one of my favourite things to do during this season. And so, I was watching Love Actually the other night and again, tonight, and it got me thinking about all of my favourite movies for the Christmas season, so I started making a list and of course I have decided to share it with you lovely people.

1, Love Actually
2. Harry Potter
3. The Santa Clause movies
4. Four Christmases
4. Home Alone
5. Elf.
6. It's a Wonderful Life
7. The Grinch
8. The Holiday
9. The Polar Express
10. The Family Stone
11. Jingle All The Way
12. Nativity
13. A Royal Christmas
14. Christmas in Wonderland
15. Coming Home for Christmas
16. Miracle on 34th Street
17. About A Boy
18. The Perfect Holiday
19. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
20. A Christmas Story
21. Fred Claus
22. Beethoven's Christmas Adventure
23. Bridget Jones's Diary
24. I'll Be Home for Christmas
25. The Nightmare before Christmas

Do you have any favourites? Let me know!!

Thanks for reading! Happy holidays.

Until next time, be you and keep smiling.


p.s I guess my blogmas didn't work out too well, damn. Apologies! But there's always next year, right?



  1. Great list. Home Alone and Elf are my absolute favorites this time of year (although, I wouldn't mind watching them all year round). I am appalled at how little tv channels have been showing Home Alone 1 + 2 this year!

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

    1. Classics! Love watching them over and over again, they never get old. And, right? Especially since it's Home Alone's 25th Anniversary! I expected them both to be aired on most channels this year. Really disappointed. Ah well!



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