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Christmas Jumpers

In recent years I have realised that Christmas Jumpers have become pretty popular, which I LOVE because I enjoy the festive clothing and feeling super warm. I must admit, some Christmas jumpers are either pretty cheesy, hideous or super cute, either way it's great to see so many people in the Christmas spirit!

Last week someone asked me about Christmas Jumpers and where to find them, and as we're getting extremely close to Christmas day, stocks are running low which means all the best, funny, cute, even over the top ones are hard to find, so I thought I would make a short list for you all of jumpers that I have come across recently.

1. Erin Ya Filthy Muggle Christmas Jumper // Link

2. Eva Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Jumper // Link

3. Fashion Union Bonnie X-Mas Jumper // Link

4. Fashion Union Xmas Jumble Jumper // Link

5. Cracker Jumper // Link

6. Black December 25th Slogan Christmas Jumper // Link

7. Women's Christmas Reindeer Jumper // Link

8. Christmas Penguin Jumper // Link

9. South Penguin Eyelash Christmas Jumper // Link

10. South Polar Bear Eyelash Christmas Jumper // Link

Which jumper is your favourite from this list?

Until next time, be you and keep smiling.

- T .x



  1. I've always wanted a Christmas jumper! It's summrr over Christmas time here so I've never had the opportunity to get one 😓

    1. Come to the UK, the weather is perfect for Christmas jumpers, haha!



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