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Christmas Wishes

This post will be a little different to most 'Christmas Wishes' posts that you may have come across, as these following wishes are all things that I believe in and what I want to change, however I can't change them on my own.

Sure, there are things like new art materials for college and a new pair of boots or whatever that I would like, but that's not important. Christmas is a time of giving, but all too often we overlook the people who need our help the most. Some people forget around Christmas is that not everyone can afford gifts, not everyone can afford a new phone, laptop, car, clothes or even sometimes the smallest of gifts. Not only that, but not everyone has their loved ones surrounding them or a warm place to stay. All some people want is food, shelter, and support.

This post isn't going to consist of me lecturing you all that we should be grateful, because I am sure we all are and I am sure it's something we think about already. I just want to talk about my wishes for this Christmas and what we can do to help.


I wish for those in need to have a Christmas that was better than the last. For terminally ill children to have a wonderful Christmas with their families and for their wishes to come true. I also wish for those who unfortunately will not be surrounded with loved ones to be somewhere warm and to have a proper meal, and not to be on their own. And lastly, for those more fortunate to take a step and help those in need, in whatever way they can.

What we can do to help

If you cannot afford to donate money to charities, don't forget that you can also donate your time by volunteering - this could be at homeless shelters, help the elderly with groceries and so on, or you can even make gifts for families in need.

There are many sites that can help you when it comes to finding out what you can give to those in need, but here is an article.

There are many charities that help people in need - of course, throughout the entire year as well as Christmas - but in previous years, these are the charities that myself and family have donated and have given our help to.

This year I have donated to Rainbow Trust and Make A Wish. How will you help? Remember that everything is appreciated! Don't ever feel like what you do for others is never enough, no amount of help is ever too small or too big.

Note: I am in NO way paid to advertise or promote these charities. This is out of goodness and is something I feel strongly about as I love helping others. Thank you :)

Have a lovely Christmas,

until next time, be you and keep smiling.


Tiffany .x



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