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CONFIDENT // DEMI LOVATO - Favourite Lyrics and Review

In case you've not yet read my recent album reviews, feel free to check them out! I talked about Get Weird by Little Mix and Made in the AM by One Direction.

Today I will be doing two posts again, this one and a Badlands review.



"I used to hold my freak back, now I'm letting go"
"This is my ground and I'm dangerous"

Cool for the Summer

"Tell me if it's wrong, if it's right, I don't care"
"die for each other, we're cool for the summer"
"Even if they judge, fuck it all"

Old Ways

"It was fun playing with knives until a blade, stuck in the left side of my chest"
"I turn the page, the story's mine, no more watching the world from my doorstep"
"And I just keep changing these colours... I'm not in the same place that I was"
"Who knew it'd be so bright without the blindfolds"
"I'm not afraid to fall, I'm spiraling"
"I pass the stars, I'm not burning out, I'm not afraid to fall, I'm not afraid anymore"

For You

"Nail my heart to the ceiling, I'd put my first through a wall"
"Reasons for my hope, all make me a big joke"

Stone Cold

"You see me standing but I'm dying on the floor"
"Maybe if I don't cry I don't feel anymore"
"I'll take the pain, give me the truth. Me and my heart, we'll make it through"
"I was your amber but now she's your shade of gold"
"I wish I could whisper but here's my pain"

Kingdom Come

"Use the hell out of our golden souls until we're flecks of rust"
"Scars go deep but they can't fight it. Flame so bright make the daylight look like dark"
"Cross my heart that I'll die for you. Cross my heart that I'll always keep you.
Cross my heart like a bitter sweet tattoo"
"All the demons cry cause you and I, found love in a broken place"

Waiting For You

"You said that you'd never hurt me, be the band aid when I bleed"
"And you say that you conquered the lion without even trying, but she only gets stronger, she only bites harder and I only die fighting"
"You made shit personal, talking 'bout my bad habits, man fuck my bad habits"


"Chasing down the hourglass, running from the past"
"You've been fucking with my dreams, ripped me like your torn up jeans"


"Your light is inside of me, like a raging roar"
"Your voice is serenity, when the sun goes down and the strength I've found is in my veins"
"My love will be your armour tonight"
"You're here like a silhouette, when the darkness rules, you're the brightest moon and I am safe"
"You're never far from where I am, like a lighthouse, bring me home"
"And we stand together facing a war, and our love is gonna conquer it all"
"We are lionhearts"


"Save me, don't try to change me"
"Here's my arms that'll hold us up"
"And I can't promise that it's gonna be fine"
"Here's my tears when you tell me those words, here's my life, for better or worse"


"Always wished you the best... I pray for your peace"
"I know you never got the chance to be yourself, to be your best"
"I guess that made me who I am"
"Even if you started this whole war in me"
"I hope that heaven's giving you, a second chance"


"We live for now, you and I"
"And we really don't need the light cause we're stars tonight"
"We're the only ones who can fight the sun"
"We're forever young and we just begun"

Mr. Hughes

"I remember you walked out the door, so I stayed awake for days"
"Nothing seemed to ease the pain"
"I forgive but can't forget your mistakes"
"His high school dreams, they never went too far"

Overall Review

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS ALBUM. It is a huge step up from her 2013 album 'DEMI'. 
Her vocals, as usual, are phenomenal and so, so beautiful, especially in Stone Cold, Lionheart and Father. Every song is so well written and I must say that Father brings me so many tears, she put so much true emotion into it and it's heartbreaking but also beautiful at the same time. My favourite songs are Lionheart, Stone Cold, Father, and Kingdom Come. Overall, this is a powerful album with incredible lyrics and vocals, and I am so proud of Demi. After being a HUGE fan since the very beginning and seeing everything she dealt with - and still is facing, but overcoming - this is such an incredible moment, still - to see how CONFIDENT she has become and the woman she's grown to be. Her voice and songwriting has developed and advanced in many ways and I am so happy to have been a part of this journey with her since the start.

To buy/stream Confident: iTunes (US - iTunes), Amazon, Spotify

Thank you for reading!

Until next time, be you and keep smiling.

- T .x



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