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MADE IN THE AM // ONE DIRECTION - Favourite Lyrics and Review

Once again.. Hello, World.

As explained in my last post I am reviewing/talking about my favourite lyrics from certain albums for the next week or so. Today of course, is Made in the AM by One Direction.

Hey Angel

"Hey angel, do you know the reasons why we look up to the sky?"
"Hey angel, tell me do you ever cry when we waste away our lives?"
"I come alive when I hear your voice. It's a beautiful sound, it's a beautiful noise"

Drag Me Down

"I got a river for a soul and baby you're a boat"
"If I didn't have you there would be nothing left"
"If I didn't have you I'd never see the sun, you taught me how to be someone"
"All my life you stood by me, when no one else was ever behind me"


"If you like midnight driving with the windows down"
"If you like to do whatever you've been dreaming about"


"It's like I'm frozen but the world still turns"
"and now I'm one step closer to being two steps far from you"
"how many nights would it take to count the stars? that's the time it would take to fix my heart"
"lie awake only hoping they're okay"

End of the Day

"just me, her and the moon"
"and you'll follow your heart even though it'll break"
"all i know at the end of the day is you love who you love"
"and when the city's sleeping, you and i can stay awake and keep on dreaming"

If I Could Fly

"If I could fly, I'd be coming right back home to you"
"right now i'm completely defenceless"
"For your eyes only, I'll show you my heart"
"i'm missing half of me when we're apart"
"I've got scars, even though they can't always be seen"
"hope that you don't run from me"

Long Way Down

"We made a fire, went down in the flames. we sailed an ocean, and drowned in the waves"
"I try to forgive you but I struggle cause I don't know how"
"We had a mountain, but took it for granted. We had a spaceship, but we couldn't land it"
"we built it up so high and now i'm falling, it's a long way down"

Never Enough

"Wanna stay up and party the weekend away and not know when to quit"
"Wanna drive in the night til the end of the earth"
"I don't need my heart, you can break it"


"This isn't the stain of a red wine, I'm bleeding love"
"I've been idolizing the light in your eyes, Olivia"
"There's something I'm having nightmares about and these are the reasons I'm crying out to be with you"
"The summertime and butterflies, all belong to your creation"

What a Feeling

"But you've got stars in your eyes"
"There's no way out and a long way down"
"whatever chains are holding you back, holding you back, don't let them tie you down"

Love You Goodbye

"It's inevitable everything good comes to an end"
"Unforgettable, together held the whole world in our hands"

I Want to Write You a Song

"I want to write you a song, one as beautiful as you are sweet"
"So when the world is cold, you'll have a hiding place you can go"
"I want to build you a boat, one as strong as you are free,
so any time you think that your heart is gonna sink you know it won't"
"I want to write you a song, one to make your heart remember me"
"So any time I'm gone you can listen to my voice and sing along"


"You gotta help me, I'm losing my mind. Keep getting the feeling you wanna leave this all behind"
"Now my hearts breaking and I don't know what to do"
"We could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen"
"We always find a way to make it out alive"
"Thought we were going strong, thought we were holding on, aren't we?
"This is not the end. We can make it, you know it."

Temporary Fix

"You can call me when you're lonely, when you can't sleep"

Walking in the Wind

"If you're lost, just look for me, you'll find me in the region of the summer stars"
"Goodbyes are bittersweet. But it's not the end, I'll see your face again"
"We wore our hearts out on our sleeves"
"Just close your eyes and see, I'll be by your side any time you're needing me"


"Your fire is burning deep in my soul"
"In the middle of the night when the wolves come out, headed straight for your heart like a bullet in the dark"
"We can't run and hide, ain't going down without a fight"
"Your beauty could start a war"
"And my heart keeps fighting in this battle of fools"


"All my favourite conversations always made in the AM"
"Feels like this could be forever tonight, break these clocks, forget about time"
"Got these scars on the same ground"
"We're just swimming round in our glasses and talking out of our asses"
"Don't wanna sleep, cause we're dreaming out loud"

Overall Review

My favourites from this album are If I Could Fly, Long Way Down, Olivia, History, Walking in the Wind, Wolves and AM.
Each song is SO different, throughout the entire album you really get a sense of what the boys are about, what they've experienced and how truly incredible each individual voice is. This album is so different compared to their past albums which I absolutely love. I think that if you asked me to write a post like this for Up All Night, I would've struggled as Made in the AM is so lyrically advanced compared to UAN. They've developed incredibly well as songwriters/musicians and singers and even after the stressful year they've had, they have delivered an album which is impossible not to love and at such a high standard. There really isn't a song from this album that I don't like and I honestly think that if non-one direction fans listened to this and for once, ignored the idiotic articles that are constantly being printed each week, then they would think much differently of this band as a whole and realise how talented they are.

To buy/listen to the album if you already haven't, click HERE. 

Which are your favourite songs from the album? Comment below because I would love to know :)

Until next time, be you and keep smiling.

- T .x



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