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Letting People Know They Matter

Good Morning! I know it's a Monday and not everyone likes them but remember that it's a new week, which in my opinion is a way to start fresh once again. Here is a post on ways to let others know that they matter because making others smile is such a great thing to do!

So, without further ado...

LISTEN to what they are saying

If you are with family, friends, etc. Put your phone down and listen to what they are saying. I really dislike when I'm trying to tell a story or talking about something I'm currently dealing with and the other person is on their phone while someone else is talking over me and paying zero interest. It's not a nice feeling.

Making Time and Being Present

"It's not about 'having' time, it's about 'making' time."

Think about this, we always make time for other things (or other people?) like eating and drinking, showering, social networking, watching our favourite TV shows, grocery shopping... So why is it so hard to just spend a few minutes just to message someone? It doesn't have to be an essay or a long email, just a simple text asking how they are, wishing them a good day or trying to make conversation.


Everyone needs encouragement and reassuring daily. Sense of doubt will arise every day so it's so important to not get angry or frustrated when others around you ask 'Is this okay?', 'Do I look fine?', 'Are you sure I'm doing this right?' Add fuel to people's confidence, you won't regret it.

Also, 5 things you should say to make someone's day

"I believe in you"

Everyone has self-doubts. You do, I do, we all do. Every time I write a post on here, I worry about whether my readers will like it and I doubt myself. It's a common thing for everyone. However, hearing other people say they believe in you truly helps it to become easier to believe in yourself!

Compliment people (yourself included!) "I like/ love your..." or "I really like my... today"

A nice, sincere compliment is the perfect way to lift someone up. Compliments can motivate and boost self-esteem, spread love and create positivity. Everyone deserves to be complimented, and not just on how they look today, but also about how kind and loving they are, etc.

"I like your dress"
"I love how your hair looks today"
"You look great!"
"You're always so positive and kind!"
"I love that you're always there for others."

"Tell me more"

You might be thinking 'okay, what?' but for me, personally, when someone says 'go on, continue,' or 'tell me more', it genuinely makes me happy and more relaxed as I tend to worry about whether no one is listening or interested in what I have to say, and believe me I'm quite opinionated and outspoken, but there are times when hearing someone ask me to continue is comforting as it feels like someone is actually finding value in what I'm saying.

"You just made my day"

This is also a good thing to say because knowing that you have made someone's day is such a nice and warm feeling. You feel more relaxed that your friend/loved ones are feeling more at ease and that you have helped them in some way.

"Thank you for being there for me"

This is something that I appreciate because I try to be there for everyone around me as much as I can. It can sometimes be saddening when people forget what you may have done for them in the past and treat you negatively, so just remember to be thankful for those you have around you. They'll always be there for you, but hearing that you are thankful is heart-warming.

Okay, here's a 6th one...

"I enjoy reading your blog" 

No, I am not hinting... but it's always nice when I receive comments on here and Twitter about my blog. I write this blog to voice my opinions, helps others, spread awareness and for enjoyment. So, thank you.

I hope I managed to send a positive message about lifting others up and making sure they know they matter.

And another thing, remember that YOU matter just as much as those around you. You deserve to know that and you also deserve endless love and happiness.

Until next time, be you and keep smiling.

- T .x



  1. It feels so great when someone says something positive about my blog! It's always great to hear nice things from people - even if it's on something small! I love your posts!

    Jemima x

    1. I conpletely agree! It's the small gestures and things that count. X

      - Tiffany


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