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Q&A Post #2

Back in October I did my first Q&A blog post but because I enjoyed answering everyone's questions so much, I decided to do another one! So once again, I asked my Twitter followers to ask questions using #askgiventheworld and here I have answered them as best I can.

1. What is the main goal for your blog?

I would say my main goal is to help others, spread positivity and encouragement and just enjoy writing about whatever interests me. Having my blog do well would be great but it's not my number one goal, I just enjoy writing.

2. 3 words to describe myself?

Opinionated, creative and understanding.

3. Favourite concert?

All the concerts I have been to have been so incredible for entirely different reasons so I don't think I could choose just one. However, the Cardiff date for One Direction's OTRA Tour was my far one of my favourites because my friend and I were so close to the boys and it was just overall incredible, but also seeing Halsey was incredible too and also up there alongside OTRA not only because of how amazing the show was but also, I met one of my internet best friends before the concert which was definitely a highlight. Also, Mayday Parade/The Maine and also Fall Out Boy were both insane. I just realised that I can't give an actual answer for this question because all the concerts I've been lucky enough to go to are my favourites.

4. People who can make you smile no matter what?

My friends of course, online and 'in real life' (I won't name because I will surely forget someone). Some of my family, but also Demi and just artists and people I look up to.

5. What are your 5 favourite bands?

I. Can't. Narrow. It. Down. To, Just. 5. I'm. Sorry.

6. If you watch tv, what are your favourite tv shows and why?

I love so many tv series but I'll keep the list short.
1) Criminal Minds because I love how you can expect something entirely different, intriguing and thought provoking in every episode.
2) I also love From Dusk Till Dawn because it switches from one thing, to another. I had already seen the movies but I knew the series would be in much more detail and I just knew I would enjoy it because of course, one of my favourite actors (D.J Cotrona) plays my favourite character (Seth Gecko) so, what's not to love?
3) I also want to say Empire purely because it can be so funny and just so, so entertaining.
4) The Walking Dead because I love anything and everything to do with zombies. Still unsure why.
5) Political Animals which is a miniseries but it has Sebastian Stan in it so I love it.

7. Is there someone who inspires you?

Quite a few people inspire me, but I just want to talk about three people.
Firstly, my dad. He inspires me to look ahead rather than in the past, and that if something bad happens then to always remember that I can get through it. He's the most important person in my life.
Secondly, Demi Lovato inspires me by showing me that no one or nothing can define me. I'm bigger than what anyone says about me or any negative thought that I may be thinking. She also inspires me to help others and spread positivity because although I may not always feel great or happy, encouraging others and bringing light into other people's lives is so beneficial for not only others but myself, it's inspiring in itself and can motivate me in many ways.
And lastly, I guess people seem to be surprised when I say this but Sylvester Stallone is also someone who inspires me. Knowing his story and how he started from nothing but worked so, so hard to get to where he is today is incredible and so inspiring. He works had and deserves all the success he has. It motivates me to always believe in myself and to literally never give up on what I want to do, even if others tell me I'm not best suited for this or that.

8. Do you have any favourite movies and also favourite actors/actresses?

Movies - Harry Potter, Rocky, Captain America: The Winter Solider, Rambo, Lock Up, Driven, The Expendables, Alice in Wonderland, the Lion King, Cinderella, Aladdin, Struck By Lightning, Divergent, The Last Song, Stuck in Love, Love Rosie, Ride Along and also Grown Ups.

Actors - Sylvester Stallone, Kevin Hart, Sebastian Stan, Sam Claflin and D.J Cotrona.

Actresses - Emma Watson, Lily Collins and Jennifer Anniston.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Hopefully I will have done a good amount of travelling. I want to see and experience so much. But also I think I will also be in the midst of my training to become a tattooist, too.

10. Are you afraid of heights?

No, not at all. Quite the opposite, I love heights so I want to do all kinds of crazy things like sky diving, paragliding, etc.

11. What was the last concert you went to?

Mayday Parade, where I also saw The Maine, Have Mercy and Beautiful Bodies.

12. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hardest question ever. Either Two Worlds Collide by Demi Lovato or When You See My Friends by Mayday Parade.

13. Would you rather go skydiving or bungee jumping?

Both! I don't want to choose.

14. What song means the most to you?

That's a hard one, either Warrior by Demi Lovato or Strong or Through the Dark by One Direction. Wait, but maybe Control by Halsey. Ugh, how about all four?

15. What is your favourite flower?

A rose! And I'm getting two roses tattooed soon!

16. What are your favourite albums?

- Here We Go Again by Demi Lovato
- Innuendo by Queen
- Cardiology and The Young and The Hopeless by Good Charlotte
- Monsters in the Closet by Mayday Parade
- Midnight Memories by One Direction

17. Where do you see your blog being this time next year?

First of all I hope it's still going and I'm still enjoying it as much as I am now. Also I hope that by next year I will be in a position where I can help others in different ways.

18. Do you have any plans for any important/big upcoming blog posts? Maybe to do with events, or a certain topic?

Yes, I've got a variety of posts planned. Events-wise, my travel diary which I will hopefully be updating a lot - that's eventful, right?! Important blog posts such as Mental Health Awareness, Equality, etc. too.

Thanks for reading and also for your questions! Hope you learnt something knew about me today.

Until next time, be you and keep smiling!

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