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Travel Diary Series - BADLANDS TOUR

Before I get into this post I just want to apologise for not posting anything in about a week, I did have a lot planned but I've been so busy I just haven't had the time to write anything up and post it. Nevertheless, I'm back and will catch up with my posts this week!

On Saturday February 20th I was lucky enough to see Halsey again on her Badlands Tour in Birmingham! Thanks to my internet friend Amy, I was also lucky enough to experience Camp Badlands, too, which I'm so grateful for!

My friend, Becky, and I decided to travel up the day before the concert (I'm so glad we did, because finding the hotel and venue was quite a hassle) so that on the Saturday we would be less stressed. I'll admit, I wasn't looking forward to queuing after the last time we came to Birmingham for a concert - I got ill and I'm still ill now, almost a month later - thank you Great Britain for your wonderful weather.

Anyway, here was my trip in some interesting and also uninteresting photographs:

I don't know what that building is but the lights reflecting
on the canal looked pretty.
Pretty sure this was on the way into the city centre as
we needed to buy a few things for the queue the next day
(I really like city lights)
Of course we went into the Disney store. How could we not?
I basically take photos of whatever looks pretty or interests me.
Then we decided to look for the venue as we didn't want
to go back to the hotel just yet because it was only 8pm.
Tried to take a nice picture, didn't turn out too good.
Concert outfit
Reunited with Amy!
Camp Badlands VIP Wristbands - these we SO hard to take off
Badlands Passport
Camp Badlands Selfie - Also, the book I'm holding is the fanbook for Halsey
which Amy and I spent two months making for her and we were able to give
it to her during Camp Badlands
Camp Badlands
During Camp Badlands - right before we spoke to her
and mentioned the book!
BORNS was so good!
I think this is my favourite picture that I took.
When Halsey came into the crowd during Is There Somewhere!!
I really like this photo, too.
Pre-signed CD that we were given at Camp Badlands
Elevator Selfie

Camp Badlands was an incredible experience and as I said I'm so grateful I was able to be there! Halsey did an intimate acoustic set where she played a stripped version of Hold Me Down, a mash up of Sweater Weather and Coming Down and then Garden which were all so beautiful. It was nice to not have anyone pushing or shoving and to be able to just enjoy the music and talk to Halsey. Also, thanks to Amy (my internet friend) for calling Halsey, I was able to tell her about the book which she happily came down from the stage later on to get it from us both! (I really hope she likes it!!!)
The concert later on was quite intense, and by that I mean once Halsey came on the crowd were literally like animals, pushing and shoving, not caring about the safety of others. Unfortunately people were being pulled out from the crowd left, right and center due to it bing so crazy and intense for some. Halsey had to ask security to pull people out and to get us water, so please - to people who weren't there that night - don't blame the chaos of the crowd on Halsey because she's one of the most caring people in the world and cares more about the safety of her fans than anything. Despite the crowd, Halsey's performance was incredible, her voice is so beautiful and I'm so happy I was able to see her again. She always kills every performance and is one of the best artists out there. So thank you, Ashley for an amazing night and to Amy for getting us all tickets!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, be you and keep smiling.

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