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Travel Diary Series - BLACK LINES TOUR

If you didn't read my recent announcement post about my Travel Diary Series, then click here. But, if you did you will know that on Friday I went to Birmingham (UK) to see Mayday Parade and I spoke about my new blog series. In each post like this I will talk about my day/trip and what I saw, heard, loved, etc. A lot of these will most likely be about the concerts I go to, just a heads up. Hope you enjoy!

I had only been to Birmingham once before Friday but Birmingham is pretty easy to find your way around so I knew where all the important places I needed to know were, like the venue, coach station, hotel, etc. I stayed in the same hotel (Premier Inn) as I did the last time as the staff were super friendly.

Arriving in Birmingham
Venue - 6/7th people in line!
Super cool car park thing (Random,
I know, it just looked SO cool)
One the way to the venue
I thought this view was rather pretty.
The Maine
One of my favourite pictures that I took.
Also another one of my favourites.
Mayday Parade
(Can we appreciate Derek's hair right now)
One of my favourite pictures I took.
After the concert ended
This is probably my favourite part of Birmingham,
the foundatain wall.
It's so pretty in daylight and in the night.
(Scroll down for daylight pics)
I thought this looked rather pretty.
The fountain wall!
It's so pretty!

Mayday Parade and The Maine were both so incredible, I'm so happy and grateful that I was able to see them. The support acts - Beautiful Bodies (they weren't very good) but Have Mercy were great and I may have just found another band to listen to!

One other thing I saw which really made me smile was a young guy, around 20 giving a Mcdonalds meal to a woman who was homeless, I think it was a really kind thing for him to do.

My next Travel/Concert Diary will be up on February 12th and I will be talking about seeing All Time Low in Cardiff!

So until next time, be you and keep smiling!



  1. Sounds like you had a great day/evening in Birmingham. Can't wait for the next EP!

    Whitney | Beauty Affair


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