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Are Your Favourite Brands Cruelty Free?

As you read this, more animals than you can imagine are being harmed and are dying due to cruel and completely unnecessary product/ingredient testing experiments. I'm not going to lecture you and I'm not going to overload any of you with horrible images, I personally find all that too daunting, I just want to remind you of things you may or may not already know and I will leave a few links further down that include lists of cruelty free brands.

Ask yourself this, do you know whether the brands you are using are animal cruelty free? Can you answer that question truthfully in your head? Is that answer no, or you don't know? Then keep reading.

Unfortunately, thousands of animals go through a terrible amount of suffering and are killed for cosmetic/brand/product testing around the world every year, and of course, billions are also killed for food. Be aware that's it not just what we're putting in our (or, your) mouths that's harming innocent animals, but also what people put on their faces, bodies, etc. And not forgetting a lot of household products, can you believe it?

You will find that maybe most of the products in your drawer, cabinet and so on have been tested on animals. I am not trying to make you feel guilty, most people are unaware of how big animal testing really is or they just don't know how to find out if a product they like is cruelty free. 
But fear no more, if you struggle to find out whether your favourite brands are cruelty free or not, here are some links that you can check up on to make sure.

You may be thinking "Oh no, my favourite beauty product isn't cruelty free because of the brand!", but don't worry, I can assure you that there are many other cruelty free brands that are just as good, and in my opinion, better! Surely, that MAC product you adore can be swapped for a similar one from a different, cruelty free brand? Too often I hear "I would get cruelty free brands but I can never find any good ones or I can't afford the high end stuff!"... There are many drugstore and high end brands that are cruelty free, you just have to be willing to change it up.

So, why not make that change today?

Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it. I may write a more in depth post on this topic in the near future as it is something I'm truly passionate about. But, let me know what your favourite cruelty free brand is below, I would love to know what you think!

Also, what is your favourite cruelty free make up brand?

Until next time, be you and keep smiling.



  1. I'm a big animal lover myself - glad to read this informative post


  2. This is so eye opening - thank you! X

    Whitney | Beauty Affair


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