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Guest Posts By... Everyone?!

Hi! If you follow me on Twitter (@blackroselovato) then you may have read my tweets about introducing something new to my blog. That being, guest posts by bloggers, of course, but also non-bloggers.

I've always said that I love sharing other people's work, but unfortunately so many go unnoticed because they either don't have their own blogs or people just don't share them.

So, here's what I have in mind...

Every weekend I will have three people (this number may change) guest post on my blog. I will go through FAQs in a moment but I just want to explain this a little bit further.

You can write about anything you want! It can be about social issues, positivity, a poem, a short story, a review (book, product, movie, album etc.), some helpful tips, movie or book suggestions, cooking recipes, something you are passionate about... it is entirely up to you. Although, I will have to review your post before I publish it on my blog for several reasons that we can discuss further if you have any questions and are interested in what I'm doing.


How do I get involved?

Simple, either leave a comment below letting me know that you are interested with your email address and/or Twitter alongside so I can get in touch as soon as I can. Or, if you'd prefer, my email is giventheworldblog@gmail.com so pop me an email and again I will reply as soon as I can as I am always checking emails and keeping up to date.

I don't have a blog, can I still guest post?

Absolutely! I'm doing this for people who love writing but maybe are unsure about whether they want to start a blog as well as new bloggers, long time bloggers and so on! Everyone is welcome and the more the merrier. Like I said, I love sharing people's work!

Will you be editing the post or leaving it as it is?

I will read it over in order to spell check and review it as explained briefly somewhere above. But I will only edit with your consent as of course it is your post, not mine!

How will I know when it's my turn to write a post?

I will contact you a week in advance, if you need more time then I'll put you on the 'schedule' for the week after. The more people who contact me sooner rather than later, the better as I can get a schedule down as soon as I can. Also, this will be ongoing but I may not have guest posts every weekend as I kind of want to break it up.

Where do I send you the post?

Preferably over email. As much as I use Twitter, I don't think it's the best platform for this. Although if you don't wish to share your email with me, then I will happily accept it over Twitter DM. (Either @blackroselovato or @giventhewrld will be fine). 

Can I use images/my own images?

Of course you can! If you use your own images then I do recommend you put a small watermark with either your blog or Twitter. Also, if you use someone else's image then please put the source/name underneath for copyright reasons.

I think I've covered all the mains points/the questions that kept coming up. However if you have any further questions then feel free to tweet me, dm me, or email me. 

Thank you for reading,

until next time, be you and keep smiling.



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