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KNOW IT ALL // ALESSIA CARA - Favourite Lyrics & Review


"My view with a looking glass won't catch the past"
"Only photographs remind us of the passing of days"
"See I recall being afraid of the dark, and holding onto teddy bears"
"That was then and now I'm here, and the night is mine"
"I thought he lied when he said take my time to dream"
"See I was racing and waiting for the day that I would be old enough"


"I'm sorry if I seem uninterested, or I'm not listening or I'm indifferent"
"So tell my friends that I'll be over here"
"I'd rather be somewhere with my people so we can kick it and just listen to some music"
"And we'll discuss our big dreams, how we plan to take over the planet"


"Run, run like the devils behind us, run to where no one can find us"
"We'll be outlaws, we'll take on the world"
"Let's make forever in this moment"
"You're the shining to my star and I'd be searching till I found you"
"We'll be outlaws, partners in crime"
"I'm Bonnie, you can be Clyde"

I'm Yours

"So all that I'm asking is that you handle me with caution"
"And I promised I would never let me hurt anymore"
"But I tore down my walls, and opened my doors"

Four Pink Walls

"I grew up memorizing all the cracks in the walls"
"See I prayed everyday for a change to be made, and I'd wait to be saved"
"See I knew I was destined for bigger and better but never said a thing"
"I assumed that there was only room for my dreams in my dreams so I'd sleep and repeat til the moon went home"
"Then the universe aligned, oh with what I had in mind"
"Living up in the clouds thinking how it all changed"
"Amazed by the limelight, I can't ever be afraid"
"Lied awake at night while my head wandered"

Wild Things

"We make our own rules"
"So gather all the rebels now, we'll rabble-rouse and sing aloud"
"We don't care what they say, no way"
"Find me where the wild things are"
"I'd rather be a wild one instead"
"Don't wanna hang around in the crowd, the cool kids aren't cool to me"
"We will carve our place into time and space"
"find your grace, don't hide your face"


"So much on my mind, I think I think too much"
"Read between these lines, unspoken weight of words"
"And I will follow where this takes me, and my tomorrows long to be unknown"
"In a world uncertain, say you'll be my stone"


"Give me the chance to pick up the pieces you left me in"
"I let you under my skin and it's over"


"Let down my guard and give you my scars"
"And sometimes we need to shed our facade and be just who we are"
"All broken and torn, then we could be stars"
"Piercing lights in the dark, make the galaxy ours"
"take the leap to make believe in fairytales"

Scars To Your Beautiful

"She goes unnoticed, she knows no limits"
"Maybe we have made her blind so she tries to cover up her pain, and cut her woes away"
"But there's a hope that's waiting for you in the dark"
"And you don't have to change a thing, the world could change it's heart"
"we're stars and we're beautiful"
"She says "beauty is pain and there's beauty in everything"
"to all the girls that's hurting, let me be your mirror, help you see a little bit clearer"
"You should know you're beautiful just the way you are"

River of Tears

"I thought that you would be the hero, come and save the day but you're a villain"
"I'm going down and you have watched me drown"
"In a river of tears, lost beneath the stream"
"Under the waves, I've found the strength to say , the river of tears has washed me clean"
"But the hurt is for the better"
"I realise that sometimes love brings you flowers, then it builds you coffins"
"I'll cry a wishing well, I'll fly before I fail"

My Song

"These empty rooms spin, and I embrace the flaws of being human"
"the black and white and sometimes the greys that stays for days"
"play, rest, repeat, read exactly what is written on the sheet"
"I will play what's best for me, I'll press the keys and pull the strings"
"I'll spend my life, penning my song"
"and the verses I write will speak for me"
"So I may never be what you assume"
"Maybe you will learn this when I'm gone, my song will carry on"
"I let my voice be heard, then listen for the echo"
"cause I'm a movement"
"I'm human after all, I'm not your expectations"
"So I won't fear and I can't blend in"

I've been a fan of Alessia Cara since her song 'Here' was released, and after waiting months for more music, her EP 'Four Pink Walls' was released, and then of course, this beautiful masterpiece was thrown into the world late last year.

This album is one of the best albums ever written, in my opinion. Alessia's voice is so beautiful and unique, her lyrics are incredible and I can relate to her so much. I think she's an incredible artist. My favourite songs are definitely Seventeen, Outlaws, Wild Things, Stone, Scars To Your Beautiful and My Song.
One of the main reasons why I love My Song, is that although it's mainly about Alessia's career and the way in which she's fighting for her free will, to be able to think for herself, be herself and doing what she wants, and in one part she's talking about being real - no auto-tune, cover ups and so on - it can also to relate to normal life. For example, people are constantly telling me what to do, with my life and career, my decisions, what I say and so on, making sure I don't make mistakes when really, I'm human, I'm going to make mistakes. "Just stick to the melody and stay between the lines" - this sounds a lot like someone saying "Just have a normal and good paying job, do what everyone else does, blah, blah". But, no, I'll do what's best for me. I think the lyrics in this song really speak to me. A simple way to summarize - we're not societies robots. We don't all want to be the same thing, do the same thing. We have control over our own lives and future and so on.
Also, Scars To Your Beautiful is a song that's very close to my heart. I think the lyrics also speaks for itself, they're thoughtful and acknowledge how hard it is to love and appreciate yourself, but also reminding you that you are beautiful.

I think it is more than safe to say that Alessia is such a talented young artist and this is just the beginning.

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Thank you for reading!

Until next time, be you and keep smiling.



  1. I love this album so much, she's incredible! Her lyrics and her voice are absolutely beautiful. My Song & Scars To Your Beautiful are definitely some of my faves too but actually every single song is amazing x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

    1. Too true! She has such a unique voice x


  2. I loooove Alessia, I need to listen to the full album so this has reminded me to add it to my Spotify! Great post xx

    1. Thanks! Ahh you'll love it, definitely one of my favourite albums! x



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