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TAKING ONE FOR THE TEAM // Simple Plan - Favourite Lyrics and Review

Taking One for the Team album cover

Opinion Overload

"I'm getting sick of all the sticks and stones you throw"
"Get out of my face, quit bringing me down"
"I'm doing things exactly like I want to"
"And I don't give a damn if you don't approve"
"I won't apologise for what I feel inside"
"I won't be pushed around, I won't be backing down"


"In a world full of heartache, seems like everyone's burning out"
"We got that fire, that glow"
"You shine bright like lighters in the dark"
"these walls will never fall"

Kiss Me Like Nobody's Watching

"I want to paint it on every wall"
"this ship ain't never gonna sink"
"True love is dead, well that's a lie"
"Listen to my heart it's beating like a drum"


"After all these wasted nights, I can't pretend that I'm doing fine"
"We're drifting apart and it's killing us"
"I guess we crumbled under all the pressure"

Singing in the Rain

"I'm looking for a smile on the streets but it's just no use"
"Storm clouds are circling around, but I won't let that shit drag me down"
"I've got a song in my heart and I'm bulletproof"

Everything Sucks

"Drive to the beach to watch the sunset"
"No matter what I do it's all in vain"
"All my friends are asking me, why I've been acting crazy"

I Refuse

"Why don't we all just stand up and fight?"
"In my blood, in my veins, in my heart, I know what's right for me"
"I refuse to aplogise for who I am"
"I refuse to let the words you say get to me"
"I refuse to keep on suffering quietly"
"You'll never make it far, you're just a hopeless case, that's what they said to me"
"You don't control me this is my life"
"When will you wake up and open your eyes?"
"No matter what you think, you won't decide my fate"
"I can do anything"

I Don't Wanna Go To Bed

"I gotta tell you the truth, I'm full of broken pieces"
"Tired eyes burn, when will I learn?"


"I found your picture looking through a book"
"Reliving every minute and I just can't take it"
"Maybe someday my heart will be over it, maybe someday I'll be ok"

Perfectly Perfect

"I'm guessing that you don't even notice the whole world looks at you"
"Sometimes I wonder if you'll ever believe that I wrote this song for you"
"Maybe I'm a fool but it's always been you"

I Don't Wanna Be Sad

"It's been 28 days since I've seen the sunshine, cause I just can't seem to lift this cloud away"
"I tell my friends I'll be just fine, but truth be told, it's getting old"
"I've got a bad ass personality, so I just need to set it free"

P.S I Hate You

"Like a polaroid picture, I can still see you in my mind"
"We started a fire, a fire like no one's ever seen before"
"But now the things you've done we can't undo, so don't write me back. P.S I hate you"
"I'll see you in ten years, or maybe we should make that forty-five"
"And now the fairytale is up in flames"

Problem Child

"Change the way the story ends"
"I remember when, things were simple then"
"Forever flawed, beyond repair, forever yours"

I Dream About You

"I dream about you, heaven only knows I do"
"People want to drive fancy cars, maybe some day reach the stars"

Overall Review

First of all, let me just say that Simple Plan has been one of my favourite bands since I was a kid thanks to my uncle for having the best music taste, so when I heard that they were releasing a new album I was over the moon.
This is one of their best albums yet, I might even say it's my favourite! Simple Plan never fail to amaze me with their music. I Refuse is definitely my favourite song off the album, as well as Opinion Overload and I Don't Wanna Be Sad - there isn't a song that I don't like. The lyrics are incredible throughout the album, and some are so relatable and mean a lot to me.
I absolutely love the collab with Juliet Simms for I Dream About You, truly beautiful, this song definitely pulls the band into a different territory, love it! I highly recommend you listen to Taking One For The Team if you haven't already, believe me, you're missing out. From a fan of many, many years, well done to the band on this album.

To purchase/stream Taking One For The Team - iTunes, AmazonSpotify

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, be you and keep smiling.



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