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Things Vegetarians Are Tired of Hearing

Recently I've been hearing the same things over and over again, and of course, it's about the choice I made to become Vegetarian. I have absolutely nothing against you if you eat meat, that is your decision, I don't criticise you, I don't constantly ask what you eat, why you eat it, and how much you eat, so why must it be any different for me? I've now realised that when someone who doesn't know me asks me "Hey, do you want a Mcdonalds burger?" That it is so much easier to just say "No, thank you, I'll grab something else from somewhere. I'm not feeling it." Because otherwise, this is the kind of thing that happens...

1. What do you even eat?

Food. Like you, except no meat, nothing animal based, no derived animal products.

2. Where do you get your protein from?

Ah, the most common question of all. For your information, meat and fish are not the only sources of protein. Sure, they do have a lot of protein, but so do many other foods. I just need an extra helping and there is protein all around us.

3. You have to take vitamins/tablets now.

No... no I do not.

4. But... your make up?

Yep, all cruelty free, no animal products, etc.

5. Being Vegetarian is weird though... so you're like, an animal rights weirdo?

Oh, you mean I have compassion for animals? If that makes me a weirdo, then sure. Plus, that's not the only reason why I'm vegetarian, it's much more than that. (FYI, I'm not saying non-vegetarians don't have compassion for animals!! It's just funny to think that having compassion for animals can be seen as something weird? Just my thoughts.)

6. You do understand that the animals are going to be slaughtered either way, so you're not really saving any of them?

First of all, that's ignorant of you. Secondly, as long as I am happy not eating meat or anything from animals or whatever, then I am happy. You do you, and I will do me.

7. But why are you vegetarian?

Because I choose to be. I don't believe I need to validate my choices with reasons that you will only argue with me over. I don't ask you why you eat the things you do, so why must you question me?

8. Do you think you're better than me because you don't want to hurt animals?

Can you believe I actually get asked this?! No, I don't think I'm better than you. Not in any way. I am a vegetarian because I want to be, not because I think it makes me better than you or morally superior.

9. What about bacon!!!!

...what about it?

10. Does it bother you when people eat meat around you? What if I eat a chicken leg in front of you like this?

No, just don't be foolish or ignorant by trying to force me to eat it or stick it in my face. It's rude. Thankfully only a minority have tried doing this. And to answer the second part of your question, I will just eat lettuce in your face like this!

Does that bother you? I don't think so. There is your answer. :)

11. Ok, what if the last thing on earth to eat was an animal, you'd have to eat it, right?

If I wanted to stay alive, yes, but if that was the absolute last thing on earth then no. What would be the point?

12. Being vegetarian can't be healthy...

You sure? I mean, I seem to be doing pretty well and I feel healthier than ever. I'm happy with my eating habits, thanks for your concern :)

13. I tried being a vegetarian, but I gave up after like a few days!

Great story... well done for trying, though.

14. Do you eat fish though?

Nope. You're thinking of a pescatarian.

15. You probably eat meat in secret LOL.

No, I don't.

16. What if you're drunk on a night out and someone buys you a kebab?

I trust my friends. Thanks. Plus, I don't get drunk.

17. Just eat meat!!!!

No thanks.

18. I would make you food, but I wouldn't know what you would eat! 


19. But can't you just take the pepperoni or meat off your pizza?

I personally find it a lot easier to just ask for no toppings? I don't know about you, but I actually like to eat my pizza before it gets cold.

20. You're missing out! Boy, you must be sad that you can't eat meat.

This is a choice!

21. I'm Veggie, but I do eat the occasional burger.

Alright, then!

22. Tricking vegetarians into eating meat.

Just, please don't do this. Accept that we're happy with our choices, just like you are. If you want to eat meat, then you do it! If you don't, then don't! All vegetarians are different, most of us are really chill and just want to live our lives without being questioned about our eating habits or our morals. For once, I would actually like to go out for a meal without being asked how my 'meatless dinner' is, and so on. I've made my decision, please leave me be. Thanks!

I do appreciate you reading this, I didn't want this to be a lecture to those who ask the same questions over and over, so I wanted to make this like a jokey and honest kind of post, and I do get that a lot of people are truly interested in our choices and want to understand but a lot of the time, people don't have the same intentions and it does make us feel like what we want isn't important.

Until next time, be you and keep smiling. And, remember to believe in what you want to believe, make your own choices and respect others.



  1. This made me laugh so much I can totally relate! Ive been a vegetarian almost 18 years and I still get these comments especially the bacon one!

    1. I'm so glad, haha! You still get those comments after 18 years? Gah, guess there'll never be an end to it!



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