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Travel Diary Series - THE VAMPS TOUR

Last Friday I saw one of my favourite bands again in Birmingham. I've been lucky enough to see The Vamps a total of 3 times now, something of which I am extremely grateful for.

In case you haven't already noticed, I tend to go to Birmingham for concerts even though I'm from Wales. Unfortunately, not all of my favourite artists come to Cardiff so my second option is always Birmingham. Which isn't a bad thing at all as there's always so much to do there, with the Bullring Centre full of stores that aren't here in Wales and a large collection of restaurants to choose from.

After a 4 hour journey, we went to Costa in the Bullring
Centre so my friend could get a hot chocolate, look at how cute this is!
Our hotel - I highly recommend the Travelodge in the city centre,
the prices are so good, the staff are super friendly and I had a great sleep both nights!
We then went shopping in the Bullring Centre. One thing that happened (the next day, in New Look, but I'll put it in this caption) which really surprised me was the fact that someone came up to me and asked me about my blog, saying that she recognised me and loves reading my blog - so, thank you if you're reading this, your comment made my day and I'm sad
that I didn't catch your name or Twitter (message me!)

I had a vegetable lasagna, with a side of salad, garlic bread and chips.
(I realised afterwards how awful this photo was, but I was too hungry to care)
...and a chocolate fudge cake with ice cream.
Concert day!
After catching the train from Central Birmingham to Birmingham International, we went to Resorts World (a small shopping centre) and stopped for a Costa - I, of course, had a mango and passion fruit cooler! Right before this, we passed Conor Maynard - that was unexpected.
We were in block B, row P! Super happy with these seats! We went by the barricade for the show.
Concert selfie!
Conor Maynard
The Tide
The Vamps Intro
Rest Your Love
This is probably one of my favourite pictures, I'm quite proud that I took it! The stage set up and lights look incredible.
James and Connor!
James and Connor singing Written Off and Risk It All
Tristan's incredible drum solo!
A very sweaty Brad Simpson in his natural habitat... onstage.
Jonnor moments.
Brad and Connor... I think they were dancing here.
Honestly don't know what is happening here
Stolen Moments
Confetti - I always LOVE this part at concerts
Brad and James
James :)
Final bow
The venue / After the concert
The next day - a very tired me.

And that's that! I hope you liked some of the concert pictures! I just want to say, that after seeing The Vamps three times, that there is no doubt about the fact that they are one of the best live bands I have ever seen. I don't think I have ever seen someone as energetic or lively onstage as Brad, honestly, the only time I didn't see him spinning, jumping, running or dancing was when he did his incredible piano solos. James once again had incredible vocals (beautiful, wonderful, I don't think there's enough words to explain how much I love him) and he is so amazing on the guitar, as well as his stage presence. I absolutely loved his duet with Connor!! Which, yes, leads me onto Connor as he was also incredible, especially considering he had a full leg brace on, he was always running and jumping down the stage and interacting with fans and his vocals were flawless. In fact, the whole bands' vocals were flawless, although that's no surprise. Last, but by no means least, Tristan. Wow. His drum solo yet again, blew me away. And his rapping!? I definitely wasn't expecting to hear him rap live! He was amazing!
Overall, they have such incredible stage presence. Each of them so energetic and they each bring something different to the stage. I truly think they don't get enough credit or recognition for that which is such a shame, but I know that this is still the beginning for them and I'm so excited to hear their next album and to hopefully see them live again.

I won't be having another post like this for a while, my next journey is to London in June for the Bloggers Ball with my friend Whitney, which I am super stoked about! It will also be my first vlog (I will still be posting my travel diary)! Another thing, I am aware that my travel diaries have not been too exciting or what some of you were expecting because I will admit that they have been more like Concert Diaries, but that will be changing in July when I will be doing a lot of travelling to London and Germany and I am also planning on going to Amsterdam and then hopefully somewhere where I can do a load of snowboarding at Christmas time! So there's a lot to come and I can't wait. Hope you stick around!

Thanks for reading,

until next time, be you and keep smiling.



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