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Bloggers Ball

I had the wonderful pleasure of attending the Bloggers Ball in London on Saturday June 18th with my friend Whitney. I was super excited but nervous as it was my first bloggers event but it was a really great day and I can't wait to attend more events! The event was brilliantly organised and hosted by the beautiful Scarlett London at DSTKRT in Soho, London.

As we entered the venue, we were greeted by Scarlett herself who was handing out a brand directory guide while thanking us for coming. After handing our coats in, we made our way inside and were greeted with a taster drink from Luscombe. I tried the Sicilian Lemonade which was very refreshing and I would love to try it again!

Brands such as On The Beach, Monin, Jewellery Box, Exuviance, VatikaSo..? With Attitude, Scissor Pic and so many more were there. It was great being able to hear about what each brand is about and just chatting about our blogs. Everyone was so friendly and extremely generous too with their products as we received so many things! I will be doing reviews of each product over the next couple of weeks as I try them out, so make sure to look out for those!

So, you may recognise this brand. Through my teens I have always loved So...? fragrances, my favourite was So...? Sinful and I was obsessed with it! While we were at the event, we spoke to their lovely team and tried out some of the newer fragrances. I fell in love with So...? Rio and luckily for me I received the fragrance in my goody bag!

Jewellery Box had the prettiest set up, just look at it! Also thank you for the little gift, the packaging and little trinkets were so cute!

I have already tried the moisturiser by Exuviance that the team suggested I use, so I should have a review up in a week or so after using it a few more times.

My friend and I had a lot of fun with the Scissor Pic Magic Mirror! I've seen this at events that I have worked at so so many times and they always looks like a lot of fun so I was super happy when I saw the Magic Mirror. Of course I sported the Minnie Mouse ears and black feather boa (although you can't see it much here). 

One thing I noticed was that I felt completely relaxed the entire time as I knew that everyone at the event were there for the same reason and had a lot of similar interests as me, it was lovely being able to chat to some people from the blogging world that I can relate to.

The Bloggers Ball was so well organised with a huge range of brands to explore and try out and so many interesting bloggers to chat to! If you ever get the chance to go to a bloggers event I highly recommend doing so, it's a great way to surround yourself with people with similar interests, introduce yourself to new brands and network.

I work for an events company here in Wales so I know how much planning and organising that must have gone into this! So a very big thank you to Scarlett for organising this wonderful event and being so friendly. It was lovely to meet you and I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for future events! 

Did you go to the Bloggers Ball? If so, which brand interested you most? 

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, be you and keep smiling.

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  1. I loved the bloggers ball, couldn't have imagined experiencing it with someone else!

    Whitney xoxo | Whitney Loren.


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