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Blink 182 // California - Favourite Lyrics & Review

And my album reviews are back! I do have a few lined up over the next week or so so stay tuned if you like these kind of posts. As you can tell by today's title, I will be reviewing Blink 182's new album California.

For this post, though. I will only be including my favourite lyrics from my favourite songs from the album.

Bored To Death

"There's an echo pulling out the meaning, rescuing a nightmare from a dream"
"It's a long way back from seventeen, the whispers turn into a scream"
"Lost and cold, and fading fast"
"The pictures in her head are always dreaming, each of them means everything to me"

Los Angeles

"Los Angeles, when will you save me"
"We'll watch the sun just burn away the sky"
"Watch the city lights die out up on Mulholland Drive"
"Wake me up when this war is over, meet me where the skyline ends"

No Future

"The next day, the sun will always rise"
"Every day that you waste, every promise that you break slips beneath the floor"
"Hours lost to dawn from dusk"
"Let the music seal your fate, yeah you can run but life won't wait"
"Someday, I'll smile and say goodbye"
"Every night that you fight, every demon in sight"

Home Is Such a Lonely Place

"We're falling faster than we can fly, forgotten seconds out on Sunset Drive"
"It feels like the moon is spinning off into outer space without you"
"This room is such a lonely place without you"
"I love the lightning but hate the rain, tomorrow's frightening but not today"
"Wish I could slow down time but not enough to slow you down"

Kings Of the Weekend

"It's Friday night let's lose our minds"
"Thank God for punk rock bands" (yes)
"Until Monday morning strikes again, we'll be the kings of the weekend"

Teenage Satellites

"Let's run away, let's go and waste another year"
"Let's spin apart while racing through the atmosphere"
"We tumble through night, we burn so bright, we're teenage satellites"
"As we climb over the neighbor's fence the longest summer's nights are numbered"
"Then you kissed me like a storm at sea"
"We are a slow descent, forgotten astronauts"
"We are an avalanche, we're just an after thought"

Left Alone

"Eyes are open words are spoken, here's to the sunrise"
"Head is loaded cards are folded, under the moonlight"
"Left alone, we're only half way home"
"Sink like stones, fall into the unknown"
"Break me down, I'm not afraid of you"
"Left alone to wonder"
"Mind is open thoughts are woken, there goes the sunrise"
"Heart is broken love unspoken, here comes the moonlight"


"Can't you see I'm doing fine, it's what I've always wanted"
"here's to you, California"
"Beautiful haze of suburbia"
"Wearing all black out on the beach" (me)
"Let's take a walk out on the pier, watch the shoreline disappear"

Overall Review

I love this album. I've had it on repeat for the past two weeks and can't get enough of it. This is a classic Blink record, 3 seconds into Cynical and you just know it's going to be brilliant and it's them. But fresher. I loved all the songs but to shorten my favourites list down I'd say I much prefer Bored To Death, No Future, Home Is Such a Lonely Place and Left Alone. I do love California and Los Angeles, too, I get this teenage/young Blink vibe from them which is cool despite some of the cheesy lyrics.
Is it my favourite Blink 182 album? Maybe, maybe not. I think their older stuff is a lot better, but the album is a whole is probably up there with their best. We have to give credit to the fact that they did lose a band member, too, and were joined by Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio which can be difficult in the music industry. A lot of Blink fans were worried after Tom Delonge's exit, nevertheless, Skiba's harmonies alongside Hoppus were great and I can't seem to fault him at all.

To purchase or stream California:  Spotify, iTunes

thanks for reading! Have you heard Blink's new album? What did you think of it?

Until next time, be you and keep smiling.



  1. Blink 182 California sounds like a great Album! I'll have to give it a listen on spotify!

    Whitney xoxo | Whitney Loren.


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