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Let's talk - Tattoos

I'm starting a 'Let's Talk' series where I guess I can just rant about a topic and just get my thoughts out there, this won't be a weekly thing as such but if you have any topics you'd like me to discuss then let me know! But for the first post in this series I am going to write about tattoos as it's something I enjoy talking about... a lot.

Let me begin by answering the one question that people keep asking...

"Why would someone get a tattoo?"

Well, for all different kinds of reasons. Examples being; an incident resulting in a scar that someone would like covered, to represent an obstacle we have faced in life, in honour of someone or something or to remember a moment, to express creativity and individuality, because a certain design looks good, as well as the fact that some people just like tattoos! 

Obviously, everyone has their own opinion on tattoos. Some think they're the worst mistake you could ever make, some just aren't fond of tattoos or wouldn't like to get one themselves, while others believe differently.
One thing that I feel like people haven't realised yet is that these days a lot of people have had at least one tattoo... because times are changing! So please, enough of the whole 'you'll regret that when you're old and wrinkly and your tattoos look silly!' because frankly, I will not regret them and seeing as very many people will be in the same situation as me, I'm not too bothered about that right now but I appreciate the concern.
However, I can definitely see why others would think it isn't the best idea in the world to get one - one big factor being your career. I completely understand that there are some jobs out there that will not allow tattoos on show or maybe even at all. But, I think some of us can agree that times and attitudes have changed or are at least changing and that having tattoos doesn't affect most jobs like they once did. I'm definitely not implying that all employers are fine with tattoos because that would be incorrect, but it has definitely changed. Although If you had a tattoo which was offensive in any sort of way then it would most definitely be a different story - tattoos may be acceptable in some workplaces but no one would accept something that is offensive, that is obvious.
I currently have 4 big tattoos on my arms and am planning on getting a lot more and my employers in my main job don't actually mind me having tattoos for one of the roles I play within the company, but then for the other they do prefer me to cover them up and that's fine with me.

As I said, I do have tattoos and plan on getting more. In fact, I would like to be a tattooist and spend a lot of time designing tattoos for work colleagues, friends, family and so on. I just have a huge passion for tattoos and think they're an incredible form of expression and it's amazing what designs people come up with and the skill, time and focus it takes to be a tattooist. I get asked the same bunch of questions a lot though since having my first tattoo, one of them being 'do you worry about what people think about you because you have tattoos?' and the first thing I ask back is 'do you worry about what people think about you because you dress that way or have your hair like that? what about your ear piercings?' it's not completely the same, I know, but we all do something to our bodies or do something a certain way because I guess it's a form of expressing ourselves, and frankly I don't find having tattoos any different to someone having a nose piercing or dyeing their hair which is so widely accepted everywhere, but that's just my opinion.

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo done but you are worried about the stigma surrounding tattoos or your future careers and so on, then from personal experience either wait until you are absolutely certain about having one and the design you want or think about having it in a place where it is always hidden. Take your time, don't rush the process of choosing your design and getting it done.

What are your thoughts on tattoos? I would love to hear what you think! Just pointing out, too, that I understand and appreciate that everyone thinks differently - we all have our own opinions!

Lastly, as I mentioned I do design tattoos so if you're stuck on a design or want something completely unique then I would be more than happy to help! Feel free to email me (giventheworldblog@gmail.com). I will also be writing up another post on tattoos very soon, perhaps it will be more of a 'questions you're frequently asked after getting a tattoo' and some tips for when you're getting one done and the aftercare process. Any questions you'd like to put forward just drop them in the comments below!

Thank you for reading,

Until next time, be you and keep smiling.



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